David Lawrence interviews happy RMLI customers

More satisfied customers

Installed the attic blanket system MLI from EnergyShield back in December of 2010 and noticed a difference in my heating and cooling costs right away. Very satisfied!
— Donna Thompson, Retired Professor from UNI
Noticed a difference almost immediately when we installed it in April of 2010. We attended a home show and saw EnergyShield demonstrated and decided to give it a try. Our bill went down substantially in the summer and noticed our home was more comfortable in the winter as well. I used to be in the insulation business and was skeptical at first but the product has proven itself. We are very happy with our decision!
— Larry Gregerson
My home is a lot more comfortable all over. I don’t have the hot spots in the summer and the cold spots in the winter. My home is an older home and the side walls are not insulated very well, yet EnergyShield-FX™ made a difference last summer and last winter in comfort and in saving my utility costs!
— Gary D. (Woodward, IA)
Our son’s room upstairs used to get really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter, but not since we installed EnergyShield-FX™!
— Paul L, Retired Military (Des Moines, IA)
We installed the Attic Blanket a couple years in ago and had it installed in our lower level attic over one area of our home and noticed that even this summer (June 2016) the temperature in that one room where the material is installed in the attic above the room temperature is 20 degrees cooler than the rest of the house. So, we decided to purchase more for the upstairs attic also. Our daughter and son in law (Ernest and Carolyn Yoder-Haven,Ks) also ordered the Attic Blanket for their home too. We really have noticed a difference in the comfort of our home where it is installed!
— Glen and Clara Y. (Yoder, Kansas)
I’m seven years a happy customer! Thank you for doing what you said the product would do. In the winter we turn the furnace on for an hour and the home is comfortable for the rest of the day. In the summer, my wife likes it cool and the home stays much cooler without having to run our cooling system as much. I am very happy with the product!

PS. The utility company “Energy Audit “ affiliate came out and did an energy audit a few years ago and told me that this product didn’t work and that dust would affect it and it was no good. I told them they were wrong as I have continued to experience fantastic results - dust and all!
— F.W. "Bill" Beckwith Retired CEO of Fareway Food Stores
It doesn’t take much to cool or heat our home since we installed EnergyShield-FX™!
— Buck & Mark M, Retired Pepsi-Co (DesMoines, IA)
We have noticed that EnergyShield-FX™ has made a big difference in our home, as far as comfort. Our furnace and air conditioner do not run as often as they did before it was installed and we are noticing a very nice difference in our utilities. We really can tell a difference!
— Doris C. (Greenfield, IA)
I recently had the Solar Powered Attic Fan installed in our home and immediately noticed a difference. In fact, just the other day I was working up in my attic on a very hot day in June (2016) and while it was in the 90’s outside it was comfortable to be in my attic with having the Attic Fan pulling the heat out making it more comfortable in the attic.
— Wayne Y. (Hutchinson, KS)